Hiring information

Every event or occasion I sing at is special and unique and will require individual care and preparation. I do strive to give a memorable performance which is tailored to fit any special occasion!

And because every event is unique and requires different levels of preparation (for example learning news songs); having a fixed price for hiring is a little more complicated.


Below I have put my approximate prices for each occasion:

Weddings (approximate costings):

Singing in the wedding service:

£250 + travel expenses

Singing at the wedding reception:

Up to 2 hrs set list -

£350 + travel expenses.


I usually sing with backing tracks at all my events including weddings using my personal equipment which can be used indoors or outdoors (depending on the needs of the event).

I am happy to sing using other equipment provided if preffered or with an accompanist.

If you wish for me to sing along with an accompanist (for example a pianist); the hiring costs would be different from above as the accompanist individual hiring cost would have to be included in the price.

Please do get in touch with me if you would like to make an inquiry about singing at your wedding.


Singing in the service:

£150 + travel expenses

Singing at the wake:

£160 + travel expenses for up to 2hrs singing

Retirement homes:

£60 + travel expenses for 1 hr singing


Parties Adult and Children's:

£160 + travel expenses for up to 2hrs singing

Other events like Concerts etc...:

Please do get in touch to ask for a quote!


Mobile no: 07813013889 (Best time to call between 5-8pm)

Email: Charis-Anne@outlook.com

Instagram: @Charis.Anne.Luke

Instagram: @Charis.Anne.Luke

Email: Charis-Anne@outlook.com

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