One of my big dreams since childhood, has been to create a CD. In 2016 that dream came true for me, albeit not in the way I had imagined. After busking for around five months I embarked on the journey of producing and recording my first Album. It was a collection of my favorite hymns many of which were chosen because of their special meaning to me. 


I found a wonderful pianist called Maija Varvatsis to play for me. And I recorded the album in a single day at a local recording studio in Reading.

I called the album 'Here is Love' after the famous hymn that was the anthem of the wonderful Welsh revival in 1904.

Since my album 'Here is love' I have recorded four more albums of songs entitled: Musical Theatre Favourites, Christmas Songs, Love ballads and Old Classics. If you would like to know more about these CD's please get in touch via contact details at the very bottom of this page!





A collection of precious old hymns    sung by Charis Anne

1. Thine be the glory

2. Here is love

3. How Great Thou Art

4. When I Survey

5. Be thou my vision

6. Before the throne of God above

7. Amazing grace

8. To God be the glory

9. Silent night

If you would like to buy a copy of this CD please click the link below:

Here is Lovesung by Charis Anne
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I met Chris a few years ago in one of my many busking trips to Wallingford and since then we have met many times when I come to the town to sing! I asked him to write me a review and he very kindly emailed me what he has written below:

Charis Anne 

Musician par excellence 



I was first privileged to absorb the musical talents of Charis Anne almost two years ago when I happened to encounter her performing in the historic town of Wallingford in the Town Market Square, a location that dates from 1155 although as a town, its provenance however, dates from considerably earlier in time. 

An immaculately attired young woman, supported by ‘top of the range’ sound augmentation equipment, continuously produced a myriad of beautifully performed musical renditions that included some of my many favourite Classical and semi-Classical pieces such as the following:


  • Thine be the Glory 

  • Be thou my vision 

  • Amazing grace 

  • When I survey 

  • I dreamed a dream 

  • Send in the clowns 

  • Only love 

  • The sound of music 

  • Memory 

  • Hopelessly devoted 


And a great deal more delightfully portrayed musical pieces during Charis Anne’s intricate weaving of her own beautiful tapestry of her unique talent and often during indifferent weather conditions for such, in our country, are the challenges of performing out of doors! 


As her life progresses, and in order to thrive Charis-Anne needs to be encouraged to not to be confined to ‘busking’, but to be invited to perform in Hotels, Social Clubs, Theatres and such locations so as to spread the true beauty of her music to wider audiences in such venues. Perhaps Charis Anne might be “The Voice” or indeed the ‘Talent’ that Britain truly has in Charis Anne but Simon Cowell has yet to be advised of! 


In my respectful submission and, as a Choral Singer myself, I believe that Charis Anne is worthy of greater things, recognition by those who have it within their power to propel her to the heights her God-bestowed talents so richly deserve and as and when she achieves such identity, we shall all be the better for it. 


My God Speed you on your way, Charis Anne. 


Chris Green 

I met John when I was busking in Newbury earlier in 2020 and since then whenever I sing in the town I let him know and he always comes down and listens! He has bought all of my albums and when I asked; he wrote this lovely review:


Charis has a beautiful voice; pop, classical or Christmas records she is always mesmerizing. Her albums are a joy to listen to over and over again her soft and haunting melodies and her personalized arrangements of cover versions show her as a unique tallent.

Charis at her live events in Newbury, Reading and open mics; this talent will surely be snapped up to bigger and better ponds in the near future.

2020 was an a momentous year as it was the year I discovered Charis